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We help businesses and organisations leverage on the growing popularity of online shopping and capture digital-driven opportunities with E-Commerce solutions that can change and improve the way they sell.


Our platform is expandable, customisable and easily integrated with inventory, finance and fulfillment, suitable for varying business needs. We help unify the offline and online shopping experience to help businesses and organisations manage and deliver amazing and seamless experiences to their customers.


Recommendation Engine

Understand and track the purchase behavior of your customers. Get more from every interaction with the ability to recommend relevant products

Digital Vouchers

From defined spending behaviours, automatically reward your top spenders with vouchers to be redeemed online, or in-store

Business Intelligence

Gain deep insights into customers’ buying behaviour, design complex segmentation, or develop predictive models with our BI tools.


Reward your customers to increase revisits. Implement reward campaigns such as promo codes, GWP and PWP to entice customers

Integration Ready

Automate your processes by integrating your E-Commerce with fulfillment, inventory and finance

Powering great shopping experiences for the the best brands across the region

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