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Y3 Supply Chain

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Supply Chain Suite

Supply Chains operate in today’s complex world that demands new solutions and new ideas to work better everyday. Y3 is at the forefront of leading edge and scientific supply chain and logistics management. We bring smart and simple solutions to address your supply chain & logistics needs with our proven expertise and networks.

Warehouse Management System

Management System Best-of-breed system that delivers complete control and visibility of warehousing operations from goods receipt to final delivery.

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Replenishment Optimization

Determine and stock optimal replenishment quantities based on different criteria e.g. lowest cost to your selected suppliers, to maximize throughput of inventory and revenue growth.

Warehouse Control System

Take control through integrating with Machine and Equipment such as ASRS, AVG, Pick to Light and others.


Integrate seamlessly with leading ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Navision, JDE and more.

Load Optimization

Model goods arrangement virtually and optimize cubic capacity of container space before physically loading onto a container. Maximize the return on investment (ROI) per trip for your containers, according to packing requirements set by your customers.

Dock Management

Efficiently manage unloading and loading through dynamic dock scheduling which matches expected time arrival and departure from point to point.

Transport Management System

Best-of-breed system that enables you to plan and manage transport operations better, generating significant cost-savings and driving business growth for your customers.


Route Optimization

Determine the most efficient delivery routes for last mile delivery configured according to dynamic rules and constraints configuration tailored to your requirements.

Track & Trace

Track orders in real-time to proactively respond to problems and make changes when needed to drive high service levels and be better positioned to respond to customer inquiries.


Integrate seamlessly with leading ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Navision, JDE and more.

Electronic Proof of Delivery

Inspire confidence by immediately notifying your customers of deliveries via digital image capture. Enable your customers to easily view all of their daily completed orders in a single portal and expedite payment of billables.

Financial Service Engine

Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual billing with comprehensive automated billing configured according to single/multi-tier, at the job, order or item level in line with fixed or activity-based costing.

CRM & Loyalty Suite

Create personalised and targeted marketing from actionable data and information. Identify and reward your best customers, gather deep insights on their engagement behaviour, and build data-driven campaigns to engage the right audience at the right time to drive revenue growth.

Member Management

Acquire new members, look up preferences, or create segments from your own database.

Campaign Manager

Design relevant loyalty campaigns such as birthday or seasonal promotions in real-time, by store, time or product SKUs.

Case Management

Enhance Customer Service Support to track member’s feedback, providing an integrated overview of every member’s transactional profile.

Communication Engine

Create email content or upload EDM templates, and engage your members via email or SMS.

Survey Management

Design surveys on-the-go with drag-drop ease of functionality. Acquire feedback on standards and quality, or gather member’s opinion.

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