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Y3 CRM & Loyalty

Forge Enduring Relationships

Customer relationships are becoming more difficult to grow and sustain in face of competition and seemingly unlimited options. In today’s world of plenty, every experience can make or break customer relationships.


Our CRM and loyalty solutions allow for personalised and targeted marketing from actionable data and information. This enables brands to identify and reward their best customers, gather deep insights on their engagement behavior, and build data-driven campaigns to engage the right audience at the right time to drive revenue.


Businesses and organisations can take control and forge enduring relationships with customers powered by the right tools and capabilities.


Member Management

Acquire new members, look up preferences, or create segments from your own database

Campaign Manager

Design relevant loyalty campaigns like birthday or seasonal promotions in real time, by stores, time or product SKUs

Case Management

The perfect tool for Customer Service Support to track member’s feedback, providing an integrated overview of every member’s transactional profile

Survey Management

Design surveys on the go with drag-drop ease of functionality. Acquire feedback on standards and quality, or gather member’s opinion

Communication Engine

Create email content or upload EDM templates, and engage your members via email or SMS

Powering great shopping experiences for the the best brands across the region

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