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Y3 Supply Chain Suite / Y-TMS©


Elevating Customer Experience through End-to-End Visibility of Transport Operations



With presence in 48 countries, the client is a leading global home furnishing and storage solutions brand. With a large portion of customer orders requiring home delivery, a dynamic end-to-end transport management solution is needed to enable them to seamlessly plan, optimize and track deliveries across 5 retail outlets, 3 countries, 6 transport service providers (TSPs) and more than 280 vehicles.


  • To possess end-to-end strategic and tactical visibility of transport operations
  • To reduce the time and effort needed to plan, manage and assign delivery jobs to TSPs
  • To centralize assignment of delivery jobs to TSPs via a universal application
  • To have a mechanism to assess TSP performance based on customer feedback


Y3 Solution Benefits

Significant Time and Effort Needed to Plan Deliveries

With Y-TMS©, transport planners are able to seamlessly pull sales orders from their ERP system and using Route Optimization, plan and configure optimized routes and efficiently assign delivery jobs to drivers

Quickly & Effectively Addressing Customer Service Inquiries

Track & Trace equips the Client’s customer service department with real-time visibility of order status and driver/truck location translating to fewer phone calls to TSPs and faster response times to customers

Mitigating Likelihood of Failed Deliveries

Y-TMS© enables the Client to send an automated  SMS notification to customers as their orders leave the warehouse for delivery, ensuring a recipient is present for collection and reducing  expensive failed deliveries

Lengthy Process of Triggering a Redelivery

Through Y-TMS©, the Client is able to trigger a redelivery easily in minutes rather than a cumbersome process involving their ERP system

Poor Visibility of Transport Operations

Through Electronic Proof of Delivery customers provide feedback on driver punctuality, friendliness and product condition. Combined with Track & Trace, all data is fed into SC Tower© – a behaviour science-driven management control dashboard providing full scalable visibility of operations



Transport Management System

Enhance Fulfillment Planning and Optimization to Improve Service Levels


Route Optimization

Create Flexible & Scalable Route Plans with Global Mapping Support


Track & Trace

Monitor Deliveries In-Transit to Proactively Respond to Customer Inquiries


SC Tower©

Integrate Data and Yield Critical Insights to Make Smarter Decisions


Electronic Proof of Delivery

Leverage Customer Feedback to Assess Transport Performance


Optimization of 120,000 Orders per Year

Customer Feedback on >96.6% of Delivery Jobs

Cost Savings of >$1 million in Redeliveries

Time Savings of >300 Planning Hours