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Y3 Analytics Suite / ML Engine


Deploying Machine Learning Capabilities to Provide an Unprecedented View of  Competitor Intelligence



The client is a global semiconductor solutions company with offices, subsidiaries and research & development (R&D) facilities across USA, UK, France, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, and India. Client requires a system to process data and carry out analysis to provide a clear view of the competitor landscape.


  • To develop a machine-learning powered Competitor Intelligence solution to automatically process and translate raw data from webpages, press releases, company reports and financial transcripts into critical insights for strategic business decisions


  • To empower senior management with an interactive dashboard for 24/7 access of real-time Competitor Intelligence across multiple geographies and product categories


Y3 Solution Benefits

Time-Consuming Manual Analysis of Different Information Sources

Automated end-to-end capabilities in scraping, cleansing, and visualizing insights into an interactive dashboard

No Centralized Repository of Competitor Intelligence

A single source of truth provides a fully scalable view of key insights across all levels of the client’s organization – from Business Analysts to the Executive Board

Ad-Hoc, Rigid  & Static View of Competitor Intelligence

Through behavior science-driven visual analytics, the client can conduct comparative analysis across any desired dimensions with a cross-industry level or competitor-level view

Delayed Responsiveness to Critical Industry Developments

With real-time visibility, the client can track and respond to major R&D developments, movement of key personnel, growth and expansion of competitors’ facilities across the industry

Slow Cross-Referencing of Data across Different Sources

The client is able to conduct causal analysis between financial information, i.e. stock market performance, and qualitative transcripts to anticipate and pre-empt key developments within their industry


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Machine Learning Engine

Automate Intelligent Data Processing, Categorization & Classification

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Text Analytics

Scrape, Aggregate & Translate Data across Different Source to Yield Critical insights


Data Visualization

Contextualize Presentation of Data based on your KPIs & Key Metrics


Manpower Savings of >100 hours through Automated Analysis

Consistency of 100% in Content Interpretation

Increase of 2.5x in Speed of Data-to-Decision Process