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Y3 Supply Chain Suite / WMS


Creating an Industry 4.0 Warehouse by Integrating RFID with Robotics and Automation



The client owns and operates a patented, SGD $250 million building with 2 million square feet of operating space that houses Asia’ largest Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) with 66,000 pallet-handling capacity, and a conventional ramp-up warehouse of 150,000 sq ft. Clients include a Fortune 10 Oil & Gas company and a leading global German pharmaceutical company. However,  there is a lack of visibility  as well as safety amidst rising rising labour cost in Singapore and China.


  • To possess end-to-end strategic and tactical visibility of transport operations
  • To reduce the time and effort needed to plan, manage and assign delivery jobs to TSPs
  • To centralize assignment of delivery jobs to TSPs via a universal application
  • To have a mechanism to assess TSP performance based on customer feedback


Y3 Solution Benefits

Increasing Land and Labour Costs Resulting in Competition Challenges

Y-WCS integrates industry 4.0 technologies such as ASRS, AGV and drones to automate warehouse physical processes increasing efficiency of land use, creating higher value jobs for people and increasing productivity.

Lack of Operational Control and Visibility for Clients

SC Tower integrates information from multiple systems to create a holistic view of the operation processes enabling monitoring, alerting, exception management and in-depth analysis of business operations.

Creating a Differentiating Value for Customers

Y-ROP assists clients to monitor their inventory levels and collaborates with their supply chain partners to ensure stock levels are up to market expectation ensuring supply continuity and client’s competitiveness in the market.

Enhanced Safety and Security

Y-DMS creates the additional layer of safety and control by collaborating with transporters schedule and only allowing nominated vehicles to enter the facilities.

Managing Diverse Multi-client Fulfillment and Transportation Requirements

Integration of our multi-client Y-WMS and Y-TMS provides a dynamic and seamless system that allows our client to serve their clients with the upmost delicate care for their fulfilment and transport requirements.


Transport Management System

Enhance Fulfillment Planning and Optimization to Improve Service Levels


Warehouse Management System

Automate and Control Warehouse Processes to Increase Warehouse Effectiveness

Dock Management System

Create Transporter Collaboration and Increase Safety and Security for State of the Art Warehouse


SC Tower©

Integrate Data and Yield Critical Insights to Make Smarter Decisions


Warehouse Control System

Harnessing Drones, ASRS and AVG to create a Futureproof Warehouse


Replenishment Order Planning

Automated Monitoring of Stocks and Ensuring 100% Fulfillment Levels


Savings of 245 Man-hours per Month

Improvement of 4x in Inventory Accuracy

Increase of 2.5x in Pallet Throughput

Fulfillment of 100% in Hospitals