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Warehouse Management Suite

A flexible, customisable and modular solution that optimises warehouse operations from receiving, put-away, re-stocking, inventory management, order processing, allocation, picking, packing to cycle-counting. Our system allows users to integrate and remove add-ons according to the users’ current and future business needs. Add-ons such as Load Optimisation, Customs Management, Dock Management and other warehouse optimisation tools to improve operation efficiency are also available. Solutions can be a standalone system or plug into existing business processes (ERP, ASRS, etc) and are available as portal or cloud-based.

Transport Management Suite

A flexible, customisable and modular solution that optimises and increases the efficiency of multimodal transport operations in term of transportation assets, orders, delivery routes and track and trace of all types of deliveries. The system allows users to integrate and remove add-ons corresponding to their current and future business needs. Each solution can be a standalone system or plugged into existing business processes (ERP, ASRS, etc) and is available as a portal, cloud and mobile-based solution.  A real-time control tower that allows the ability to view all transport operations across the region is also available.


Y3 - ePOD (Electronic Proof of Delivery)

Y3-ePOD helps users achieve faster, efficient transport operations by eliminating the need for paperwork and unnecessary manual entry. Y3-ePOD is cloud-based, meaning that users can access the application anywhere with data connectivity, configure, schedule, and track real-time movement of. Our Y3-ePOD uses synchronisation technology to ensure drivers always have accurate information – unlike simple cloud-based solutions, our ePOD works with or without connectivity so your drivers will not be stopped in their tracks by poor cellular reception. Information will be synced automatically once connection is established.

Y3-Load. (Load Optimisation)

Y3-Load is a unique space optimiser that calculates the iterations to optimise loading of single or mixed sized products to help users plan the best compact arrangement within one or multiple enclosures (such as containers, trucks, etc). Y-Load serves to reduce shipping and transport cost though our optimal space utilisation algorithm.

Y3-Route (Route Optimisation)

Y3 Route is a powerful transportation routing and scheduling optimisation tool. It is powered with a Dynamic Rules Engine that allows specifying numerous constraints such as drivers, vehicle, clients, destination restriction and more. The Rules Engine then provides a large set of rule templates that relates these keywords into business logic and constraints. Most importantly, we make Y3-Route robust and easy to use.

Y3-ROP (Replenishment Optimisation)

Y3-ROP uses timely, accurate and current information of the actual demand of the users’ clients to automatically recommend replenishment of the right quantity of goods at the right place according to the actual needs of these clients. Y3-RPO is a highly scalable, rule-based engine that takes into consideration the seasonal demands, delivery lead-times and truck sizes to recommend the right replenishment quantity at the lowest cost.

Y3 ScTower (Control Tower)

Y3 ScTower provides user supply chain visibility across divisions, countries and modalities. The heart of our solution is the information hub supported by a set of your business rules. Y3 ScTower gathers and integrates data from a variety of sources and subsequently distributes it in a consistent format. This integrated overview allows the user to detect risks or opportunities at an earlier stage. Status information from vendors and logistics providers is collected and stored in a structured way. This information provides user insight into the actual status of orders, products in stock and shipments, which in turn is used to make informed decisions when planning, monitoring and analysing the supply chain.

Y3-Track & Trace

Y3 Track&Trace is a cloud and mobile based application that can track multiple pickup and drop-offs; where the delivery currently is and where it has been in the past with accurate time stamp. Y3 Track & Trace is designed for use in Freight and The Last Mile. Tracking notifications is highly configurable for milestones that is important to the user. A signal is sent to users’ mobile or email when a milestone is achieved.

Y3-FSE (Financial Service Engine)

Y3-FSE is an Activity Based Costing Engine that is an add-on to our Warehouse Management Suite and Transport Management Suite. Y3-FSE separately configures the price for each of the users’ client and based on the utilisation of the warehouse and/or transport services, the system automatically generates an invoice to the client at the agreed contract intervals. Y3-FSE improves the efficiency of both the AR and AP of the user and removing the need for manual processing of multiple contracts at different intervals.

Y3-WCS (Warehouse Control System)

Y3-WCS is a middleware that allow message transformation and message handling so as to provide control between single or multiple Warehouse Management Systems to the warehouse MHE such as Pick to Light or ASRS, Bar code or RFID. This seamless integration increases efficiency and productivity.


Y3 Customs is designed for users with frequent import and export requriements. Y3-Customs is designed based on a single data entry for multiple use concept as the system has the ability to consolidate or split multiple permits in accordance to the customs requirements of both the source and the destination countries; allowing a reduction for paperwork and unnecessary manual entry thus increasing import and export efficiency.

Y3 Mx3 (Middleware)

For the ease of interface with various application, we at Y3 design middleware module (Y3-Mx3) to allow message transformation and message handling that enable seamless communication between our system to users’ existing systems. The addition of this module allows real-time integration with the systems instead of periodic batch updates.

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