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领先的供应链管理解决方案公司Y3 Technologies今天宣布,委任Marc Dragon为首席执行官。在此职位上,Marc将负责推动业务增长,加强Y3的解决方案组合和战略,并推动卓越运营,以支持Y3成长为该地区供应链和全渠道技术解决方案领导者的愿景。

Marc Dragon 表示:“在这需要智能,协作和创新的平台和解决方案来帮助客户成长和竞争的时刻,我很高兴能成为Y3科技的一份子。我期待领导Y3,并将其引向亚太地区技术领先的道路,

Marc brings over 18 years experience serving clients in Asia Pacific across multiple leadership roles

Y3 Technologies, a leading supply chain management solutions company, announced today that it has appointed Marc Dragon as Chief Executive Officer. In this role, Marc will be responsible for driving business growth, enhancing Y3’s solution portfolio and strategies, as well as driving operational excellence to support the vision of growing Y3 as the region’s Supply Chain and Omni-channel Technology Solutions leader.

Marc has more than 18 years of experience serving clients in Asia Pacific, and has been in multiple leadership roles at IBM, Deloitte Consulting and Antuit. He has also co-authored multiple whitepapers, and is a frequent speaker in the region, especially on the subjects of Big Data, Analytics and Supply Chain Management.

Besides his corporate experience, Marc has been actively involved in the startup scene in Singapore, having founded/co-founded 2 analytics startups, and is also an Investment Committee member of Supply Chain Angels, an NRF supported incubator in Singapore.

“I am pleased to announce the appointment of Marc Dragon as Chief Executive Officer of Y3 Technologies. With his key skillsets, business acumen and years of experience, Marc is well-positioned to lead the team to help customers drive a positive transformation that can improve the way people live and work, now and tomorrow,” said Robert MC Yap, Deputy Chairman and Executive Director, Y3 Technologies.

“I am excited to be part of Y3 technologies at a time when there is a growing demand forintelligent, collaborative and innovative platforms and solutions to help our clients grow and compete. I look forward to leading Y3, and steering it towards the path of technology leadership in Asia Pacific ,” said Marc Dragon, Chief Executive Officer, Y3 Technologies.

Marc is certified in Production & Inventory Management (CPIM) from The Association for Operations Management (APICS), holds an IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Foundation Certification, is a member of Mensa, and graduated with an Honours Degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.