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Reliability and

We provide game changing solutions that help enterprises move faster and take on new opportunities while promoting operational efficiencies.

Enabling enterprises achieve more and become future ready

Enhanced Business Performance

Our innovative and future proof solutions leverage IoT and big data to enable enterprises reach new markets faster and respond more rapidly to changing customer demands.

Deep Partnerships and Collaboration

We immerse ourselves in your world through discussions, workshops and seminars – with the objective of understanding your challenges and opportunities to create competitive advantage.

Proven experience and expertise

Y3 has been working successfully with global enterprises and gained much experience for large-scale operations. We constantly improve to provide the most cutting edge solutions to customers.

We leverage IoT and Big Data to give enterprises the most cutting edge and effective solutions.

Supply Chains operate in today’s complex world demanding new solutions and ideas to work better everyday. We never cease to improve the way we deliver services back by our experience of providing robust solutions to the most complex supply chain challenges in the region.

At Y3, we provide reliable and cost effective infrastructure management services that help organisations of all sizes, optimise internal infrastructure processes and maintain IT applications and systems.


Y3 provides technology consulting services that equip enterprises with the understanding of the key opportunities and impact that new technology can bring to their organisation. We help them capitalise, manage, implement, deploy and administer technology and IT systems based on their unique needs and objectives.

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Learn how our solutions can help your enterprise become future ready.