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Ecosystems reimagined for successful governments.

Y3 leverages on a wealth of data and cutting edge technology to provide intelligent and innovative solutions that support governments in establishing a secured and safe public infrastructure that meet the needs of individuals and communities.

Enabling governments provide a better future for all

Borderless Ecosystems

Y3 is helping Governments leverage internal and external resources to progress their nations by tapping on technology-based solutions that further the interest of trade based on Big Data that is a critical lever for decision-making and building fertile ecosystems.

Save Costs, Improve Efficiencies

Local governments want to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and create a balance between powerful and cost-effective IT solutions. Ultimately, the goal is to improve IT infrastructure with maximum efficiency and minimum complexity.

Scalable and Flexible Solutions

Different functions and departments in a government have different needs – we enable the next generation of services delivery with flexible systems that integrate across functions and departments.

Next generation of systems and solutions that support national agenda and specific government objectives

Cross Border


Y3 supports growth by facilitating trade without boundaries. We help organisations enhance reach and access the fast growing Asian landscape while providing a deeply customer centric approach.

Big Data & Analytics

With our enhanced capabilities in data analytics, we can successfully help governments demystify complex data and offer solutions that enable simplicity in an otherwise complex decision making landscape.

Infrastructure Support

Y3 provides reliable and cost effective infrastructure management services that help governments amplify performance and improve systems and operations. We have the experience of providing support for projects with complex requirements together with our team of IT consultants, support specialists and systems administrators.

How can we help?

Learn how our solutions and services help power governments’ operations for a positive future.