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Your Growth,
Our Technology.

We free you from technological complexities so you can focus on what matters most – business growth.

Enabling small businesses to dream big.

We operate with a SMEs centric approach

We are here to listen to SMEs’ needs and deliver cost effective solutions that are practical, simple and easy to apply.

We enhance productivity and profitability

Our SME centric solutions shorten the time for SMEs to improve business performance to achieve both financial and non-financial objectives.

We understand your customers

Our difference lies in our ability to operate with a high regard and understanding for your needs as well as your end-customers’.

Discover how our solutions can help accelerate your business

We offer practical and effective solutions suited for SMEs. Our regional presence helps you grow and expand your business geographically, while our technology solutions help reduce inventory holding and costs thereby driving profitability and productivity.

Through our full-suite E-Commerce solutions, customers can scale and sell more, effectively. We offer market knowledge, cross-border commerce for regional expansion, E-commerce store management and digital marketing.

Our CRM and Loyalty solutions enable personalised marketing with actionable data and information. Our solutions can help you identify and reward your best customers, gather deep insights and build data-driven campaigns that drive engagement and revenue.

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Learn how Y3 can help your business grow and succeed.